Land Surveyors in Southern Colorado 

Our staff   

GeoMark team members actively partner with our clients to insure the success of all projects. Our goal is simple, a dynamic attitude of cooperation that promotes an atmosphere where the objectives are studied with all involved to identify potential issues, special requirements and critical action items. This is a proven and successful process of communication that we fully support.


when you need professional results you need professional land surveyors

Relax, we're on it...

Our promise to you is this, (we make it happen). This is what we do so feel comfortable in the fact that we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations and keeping our services affordable and on schedule. we are pleased that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for their surveying needs.

Our people have over 50 years of combined experience in Land Surveying and over 20 years experience working in the Energy Industry. Two of our people made history when they supervised the field operations on the largest boundary survey of the 20th century followed by an aggressive coal bed methane gas well staking project in the Raton Basin of Northeast N.M. 

The boundary survey of the Vermejo Park Ranch was published in The Point Of Beginning Magazine dated November 1997 (THE TAMING OF THE RANCH) featured this historic event. Although we worked for another company then our people did supervise the field operations of the project.