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We wish to thank GeoMark Surveying for their hard work and professionalism. We had a complicated, large piece of property and they were willing to take on the challenge. They communicated with us through every step and took the time to ensure we understood all aspects of our property. We were more than satisfied with the end result and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a surveyor!

Thanks Again,
Carolyn C., Rhonda and George R.

Florence, Colorado  

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I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did surveying my property. I found your price reasonable and you guys were very thorough and professional. I found the new technology you use very interesting. I appreciated the walk around so I knew exactly where my boundary lines were. The plat I received was also thorough and will be handy if there is ever any question about boundaries with my neighbors. I don't plan on moving soon so will not need your services again in the near future but have recommended you highly to a number of my neighbors who were also looking for a surveyor. 

Thanks again,
Anita L.

Fountain, Colorado

Your Southern Colorado Land Surveyors


Choosing GeoMark Surveying for our boundary survey was one of the best decisions we could make. Throughout every stage in the process, their team of professionals were dedicated to our satisfaction, from timely completion of the project to the highest quality results at a cost that simply cannot be beat!

Steve and Michelle B. 

Pueblo West, Colorado



​​​​​​​​​​​​GeoMark is owned and operated by licensed professionals, therefore the background of our staff presents an organization that is qualified in all areas of Land Surveying. Our service area extends throughout the state of Colorado and we are not limited by the distance to any projects location. It is our sincere wish to have a long and continuous relationship with our clientele. 

How much will a survey cost?
Improvement Location Certificate 

Also known as an (ILC) or mortgage certificate.

This type of survey will generally average around $400.00 dollars. We can usually get these done and back to the client in 2 weeks or less. In cases where the distance to the project is considerable there will be an additional charge.

Boundary Survey Projects

These types of surveys will require a custom quote. Calculating the cost of a survey is time consuming for the surveyor. It should be expected that the surveyor will require a copy of the legal description of the property along with the physical address and all information and documents that the property owner has on hand.

It will benefit the client who produces documents or information which can help the surveyor with providing as close an estimate and time frame for the work to be completed as can be determined. 

What does a Professional Land Surveyor do?

  •  A Professional Land Surveyor renders a highly technical and legal service to the public that includes the discovering of evidence, complex mathematical calculations, the analysis of the evidence in the fact of the record and reconciling it all to recover the correct location of the boundary on the ground. Sometimes it is quite easy and other times, it is very difficult”.

  • Restoring lost, moved, or obliterated corners, researching of city and county records, collect field data, complete mathematical calculations, and prepare descriptions and plats/maps of your property.

  • All of this must be combined and analyzed thoroughly to establish the location of property corners and create the final plat.

  • As a licensed professional, the services provided by the surveyor must comply with several applicable laws, regulations, standards, and codes which have been established by state, county, local governments and professional societies.

  • Locate the actual boundaries of a property by use of traditional field methods, document research, ancient evidence of title and physical features in the field.

  • Licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor is earned through years of education and experience and only then by successful completion of a series of licensing examinations.  

  • Appear in court as an expert witness. 


When should I have a survey performed?

It is unwise to Buy or sell property without having a Professional Land Surveyor involved. It is common for lending, title and mortgage institutions to require the services of a Professional Land Surveyor for the identification of property boundary locations in their transactions with the public.

Did You Know:

In the interest of protecting the public, the State of Colorado has legislated laws that make it incumbent upon real estate brokers to advise their clients​ to use a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the matters of identification of property boundary lines or corner positions

(for the purposes of a real estate transaction).

It is unlawful in Colorado and a violation of State law for real estate brokers to suggest, recommend, attempt themselves, hire, employ, or elicit the services of anyone other than a Colorado Professional Land Surveyor in the matters of identification of property boundary lines or corner positions

(for the purposes of a real estate transaction).

In Colorado, only a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor can lawfully disclose the true relationship between the lines of possession 

(such as: where the neighbor thinks the the property line is located, or physical features like: fences-rebars-pipes-roads-rivers-stone piles, hedges, tree lines, etc.) and your deeded property boundary.

See: Colorado Revised Statutes 

C.R.S. 12-25-202 (6)(a) Definitions

C.R.S. 12-25-205 Unlawful Practice.
C.R.S. 12- 61-804(1)(c)(V), 12-61-805(1)(c)(V), and 12-61-807(2)(b)(II). 

Regardless of whether a broker is acting as a single agent or transaction broker, all brokers acting in their licensed capacities are required to advise their clients to obtain expert advice as to material matters about which the broker knows but the specifics of which are beyond the expertise of the broker.

Expert advice includes, but is not limited to, the brokering of a mortgage, performing title searches and issuing insurance, appraising real property, surveying and issuing improvement location certificates, performing property inspections and other due diligence (including environmental) and practicing law (which also includes analyzing the legal implications of the foregoing). Brokers need to ensure that they perform the acts required by the real estate brokerage practice act, based on the capacity in which they have agreed to practice, i.e. as a single agent or transaction broker. A common standard of practice amongst brokers is to provide the names of three settlement services providers in a specific area of practice and allow the consumer to choose. The Commission understands that there are occasions when a broker cannot provide the names of three separate settlement service providers that practice in one specific area, but regardless of how many names may be provided, it is imperative that final selection of the settlement service provider be left to the consumer, not the broker.